We must gather 259,213 valid voter signatures by July 3, 2014 to qualify for the November 2014 ballot.

Use the map below to find & sign a petition in your area!

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We are seeking volunteers to manage a petition location in their area!
Responsibilities include the picking up of signed petitions and dropping off of new petitions.
If you are interested in adopting a petition location, or submitting a new location, please fill out the form below.
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Petition Location Submission/Adoption Form

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Safer Arizona

We live in a state where citizen initiatives are part of the state’s constitution.

Citizens initiatives are not intended to be easy or frequent and therefore a true grassroots citizen initiative is difficult to achieve, it is there as a method of last resort.
When we undertake the efforts to put an initiative on the ballot to legalize marijuana, we are saying through our actions we find no other way to make our voices heard.

We cannot have public gatherings with out fear of retribution from the state. Many among us cannot publicly admit supporting our cause in fear of loosing their jobs. We cannot put bumper stickers on our cars in support of this cause. We are not out laws but the state has deemed that our living is against the law. We are subject to being incarcerated, our property seized, humiliated and branded felons for the rest of our lives. We are subject to charges of driving under the influence, merely for having evidence of past usage in our body fluids. We have been by edict deemed sick and in need of re-education and are often given the choice between prison or rehabilitation re-education. Our children can be taken from us and put in foster care.

Under these circumstances it behooves us to act with stealth and cunning.

This map shows the locations were you can sign and pickup petitions to legalize marijuana in Arizona.

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